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09 March 2006 @ 07:03 pm
Application Rules:
1. ELABORATE!!! We can’t find your house unless you give us enough information to go on.
2. Copy the application as is from the text box. This is for your convenience and for the voters’ ease.
3. All posts are automatically set to be Friends Only. Please don't change this setting (adult community and all)
4. If you do not have any real time sexual experience, please don’t just say, “I don’t know, I’m a virgin.” We’ve all had fantasies, so use those to answer the sex questions.
5. For question #19 – expressing an interest in BDSM does not automatically place you in Mandrake or Valerian, since many people can be interested in BDSM without having it be the defining characteristic of their sexual style. However, a (polite) dislike of BDSM would will probably cause voter to look to other houses for you.
6. At the end of the application, after question 25, and before closing the LJ-cut, include the words, “Love as thou wilt.” Failure to do this, or to follow any of the other rules will result in an instant stamp of “Skaldi Spy." In which case, we'll probably ask you to go back and read the rules, and edit your post to include this. This is just to make sure you’ve read all the rules.
7. House decisions will be by most common vote. At first, this will probably involve some discussion on the part of the voters. After the community has enough voters, the decision will be made by waiting for enough individual votes, and then the votes will be tallied for a consensus.

An example of what the application will look like (without responses) can be found here
chiliwee on December 13th, 2006 11:58 pm (UTC)
Application (I think this is where I put this)


1. Name:
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<lj-cut text= <"****Love goes only as far as you make it go****">
<b><i> -</b></i>

<b>1. Name:<Caroline Wilson/b>

<b>2. Age: <22/b>

<b>3. Gender (answer however the hell you want): <Female/b>

<b><i>The Books - <Koushiel's Dart. and reading Koushiel's Chosen now

<b>4. Who is your favorite character in the Terre D’Ange trilogy? <Phedre'/b>

<b>5. Who is your least favorite character in the trilogy? <Melesande/b>

<b>6. Which character do you <i>identify</i> most with? <Joselin/b>

<b>7. Which of the books is your favorite? <So far I cannot give that answer since I am in the beginning of the second book/b>

<b>8. If you could visit any of the countries as they are described in the books, which
would you visit? <Believe it or not I would actually like to see the "Master of the Straits" island/b>

<b>9. If you were not an adept, what role/job do you think you’d have in the Terre D’Ange universe? <A gardener, I love plants, and making things beautiful/b>

<b><i>Personality -<Sweet, carring, loving, forgiving, understanding. A good shoulder to cry on, I like to take other's pain away if I can/b></i>

<b>10. What do you think are one or two of your best personality traits? <My ability to always look to the bright side, and always looking for the good in others/b>

<b>11. What do you think is your worst personality trait? <Being too forgiving and letting some people run over me/b>

<b>12. What qualities do you value in a friend? <Honesty, loyality, and a love of Chinese food/b>

<b>13. What is the worst quality you believe a person can possess? <Greed/b>

<b>14. Go to <a href=http://quizilla.com/users/mshathvri/quizzes/Kushiel's%20Quiz/>this site</a> and take the quiz. What character did you get? Do you think this is a good fit? <
You are Alcuin. Gentle, sweet, and coveted by the influential gamemasters of intrigue, you play the game for love. Not for love of the game, but for the love of your guardian puppetmaster.

Yes I do agree with this/b>

<b>15. Go to <a href=http://quizilla.com/users/leatha/quizzes/Where%20in%20the%20Night%20Court%20do%20you%20belong%3F>this site</a> and take the quiz. What house did you get? Do you think this is a good fit? <
You belong in House Eglantine. You're an artist at heart and enjoy all that is original. You create beauty. Your motto is "To create is to live."
Yes I agree with it. /b>

<b>16. Describe your perfect date.<I married him, We started out that night at a movie both nervous and I ended up losing my virginity to him. We were both 20, and had been friends for years, the nervousness and lust is what was so perfect./b>

<b><i>Sex - <Oh, well, being tied up and rubbed all over and made to beg for it. /b></i>

<b>17. What qualities do you value in a lover? <The abilty to take controll of me/b>

<b>18. Describe your sexual style. <Submissive /b>

<b>19. What are your feelings about BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, and masochism)? <Nothing too painful more of begging, Like Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty/b>

<b>20. In which three houses do you think you’d best fit? <I really don't know /b>
<b>21. In which two houses do you think you would not fit?<Valerian/b>

<b>22. Which house would you patronize, given a choice? <Valerian/b>

<b>23. What character from the books would you want to date/screw silly/have screw you silly and why?<My choice would have to be Joselin ONLY because I have only read the first book so far/b>

<b>24. Describe yourself physically (hair color, eye color, height, any distinguishing characteristics). Feel free to include one safe for work picture. It can be provocative, but no nudity. <Blonde shoulder length hair, 5' 8" I have two baby dragon tatoos one on each inner ankle, one is a sleeping blue dragon, and the other a fire breathing red. Big blue eyes, have been called marble eyes before. Curvy, but not happy with my weight at the moment. So I will be happy to send a picture once I have reached my weight goal./b>

<b>25. Tell us anything else you think might be important.<Love as thou wilt/b>
St. Andrew's girlst_andrews_girl on December 14th, 2006 12:08 am (UTC)
Re: Application (I think this is where I put this)
You need to post this in the community once you've been approved. And we can't approve you until you have an age listed in your profile.