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Application Rules:
1. ELABORATE!!! We can’t find your house unless you give us enough information to go on.
2. Copy the application as is from the text box. This is for your convenience and for the voters’ ease.
3. All posts are automatically set to be Friends Only. Please don't change this setting (adult community and all)
4. If you do not have any real time sexual experience, please don’t just say, “I don’t know, I’m a virgin.” We’ve all had fantasies, so use those to answer the sex questions.
5. For question #19 – expressing an interest in BDSM does not automatically place you in Mandrake or Valerian, since many people can be interested in BDSM without having it be the defining characteristic of their sexual style. However, a (polite) dislike of BDSM would will probably cause voter to look to other houses for you.
6. At the end of the application, after question 25, and before closing the LJ-cut, include the words, “Love as thou wilt.” Failure to do this, or to follow any of the other rules will result in an instant stamp of “Skaldi Spy." In which case, we'll probably ask you to go back and read the rules, and edit your post to include this. This is just to make sure you’ve read all the rules.
7. House decisions will be by most common vote. At first, this will probably involve some discussion on the part of the voters. After the community has enough voters, the decision will be made by waiting for enough individual votes, and then the votes will be tallied for a consensus.

An example of what the application will look like (without responses) can be found here