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night_court's Journal

Court of the Night Blooming Flowers
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Welcome to the Court of the Night Blooming Flower in the City of Elua, more commonly known as the Night Court. We are currently looking for adepts to join each of our 13 houses. Each house caters to a different desire, and its adepts are the conduits of that desire. Does this sound appealing to you? Do you think you are an exotic adept of Jasmine House, or a madcap genius from Eglantine? This is the place to find out where you belong.

For specific information on each house, please visit Rod and Weal’s Info and Lore section.

This is not a rating community. Unless you put little no effort into your application or behave very badly, you will be given a house.

Community Rules:
1. Be courteous to each other. We are not animals. We are some of the most beautiful and well-behaved creatures alive. So act like it.
2. Be respectful of the sexual preferences and practices of others. The Night Court would not exist if not for sexual diversity.
3. You must apply before you can vote on others.
4. You must be over 18 and have a full birth date displayed in your profile.
6. Please host your house stamp on your own site (photobucket, weblogimages, etc).
5. Voters: Please include the house you are voting an applicant into in the subject of your response. Give a short summary of why you voted for the house you did.

The application can be found in the text box below. Please read ALL of the community rules as well as the application rules before applying. No house is willing to accept an adept who cannot follow rules.

Here's the text box:

Please note: This community is heavily based on the Harry Potter sorting community hat_sorting. Many thanks to them for the fantastic ideas!!

The Night Court, all its Houses, and any characters, are property of Jacqueline Carey.

Happily affiliated with: kushielsorting